Books by Magdalena Bak-Maier

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you – Maya Angelou

Books by Magdalena Bak-Maier

Current Titles

Body Talk: how to tap into your hidden superpower

Discover a self-help classic

Get Productive! The reflective way to do better

Get Productive saves you time with 36 exercises that guide you towards action and results.

The Get Productive Grid book

Say goodbye to results that hurt!

Get Productive Grid – 2022 Wishing Shelf Finalist

The Get Productive Grid book is your essential guide to achieve results, self-care, and success.

Get Productive book

Let your body support you

Body Talk: How to tap into your hidden superpower

Learn how to tap into the combined intelligence of mind and body for wisdom and healing.

Coming soon!

Brand new title coming in 2024.

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Writing process

My books reflect my learning journey and I actively work on my writing skills with my writing coach, a professional editor, as well as professional training courses.

Teaching writing

Communicating science ideas to others takes skill. Being a trans-disciplinary scientist (PhD, Caltech), a master coach, and an excellent teacher who also is a writer, allows me to mentor scientists and academics in their writing and pitching for funding.

In this space, I have developed a number of processes and tools, along with highly practical grant-writing workshops for academics and researchers across the globe.

Clients include Imperial College London, MIT, UCL, and many leading research institutes across the EU.

Contributions to other books

My work is also featured in the following books and educational projects.

If you have a project where my work would fit please get in touch.

Strategies for Research Leadership

Oxford University Press Epigeum (2022)

Contribution: Module 2, Shaping positive research cultures

101 coaching tools and techniques for executive coaches, team coaches, mentors and supervisors

 Libri Publishing (2022)

This paperback volume is an economical book that contains my Grid method. Volume 1 book can be found on Amazon.

The complete handbook of tools, techniques, experiments and frameworks for personal and team development

Libri Publishing (2021)

This unique book provides comprehensive coverage of over 200 coaching tools, techniques, and experiments by some of the most respected names in the field.

de la destruction à la reconstruction / School bullying: from destruction to reconstruction

Le groupe éditorial Guy Trédaniel (2019)

Chapter title: Primary and secondary school bullying affects at least 10% of children with a destructive impact.

My contribution to this important work offers racial, LGBTQ and child school bullying examples and constructive ways that families can support each other in this space.