The Get Productive Grid Book

The Get Productive Grid is written with such clarity – simple, easy and quick to assimilate – Mr. Will Thomas on Amazon

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The Grid is a simple and proven work-life balance system to help you thrive.

  • Live in tune with your values.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Achieve more.
  • Find time for spontaneity.
  • Harness your creativity.

The Get Productive Grid book will help you balance your energy and effort in a way that restores you and helps you achieve more.

The Get Productive Grid book

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Praise for the Get Productive Grid book

This was a really great introduction to managing my time with the Grid system. The theory behind it all was easy to understand, and the exercises afterwards are really everything you need to start planning the week.

I wish I also had the Grid Block they sell while reading this book, it would’ve made the perfect starter kit.

The #1 thing I liked about the book is that it had plenty of examples of what a full Grid is supposed to look like, since I’m a really visual learner.

Praise for the Get Productive Grid book