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“I have had the luck of having been coached by Magdalena in two different contexts: improve team leadership and preparing for ERC interview. I can attest that Magdalena’s coaching was 5 stars in both missions.

Due to Magdalena’s rapid ability to identify weaknesses and extraordinary effective way of helping find solutions, my leadership and team working environment have improved so significantly that my team members also expressed to me their gratitude to Magdalena.

As for the interview preparation, two facts stand out: her help in restructuring my talk so that it could reach a broad audience; her tips regarding the Q&A, which were instrumental to me in that part of the interview. I can only wish other researchers can experience the same type of reward as I have. “

Isabel Gordo

“I’ve now been using Magdalena’s GRID method for ~6 months and it works! It helps you visualise all the tasks and prioritise what you have the energy to do right now.

Her coaching has also really made me set more effective boundaries to protect my time and go for more ambitious goals”

S.P, Imperial College London, Materials

“A really comprehensive, insightful and enjoyable approach to making and defending a pitch.

Will get you in the room glowing through the unforgiving minutes.”

Jonathan, UCL, Developmental Biologist