My tools and methods are practical, simple yet not simplistic, and incredibly powerful. They are easy to implement in life and at work. What unites them is the principle of balance and how connecting mind, heart, body and spirit empowers humans and aids healing. These approaches are essential to effective leadership.

  • How we organize and lead in our life in ways that naturally refuel – the Grid framework
  • How we connect the mind with the body for greater wisdom, power and healing – the Body Talk
  • How we think, act and show up in the world as wiser leaders – the Get Productive Wheel

I’ve been invited to share my work at key international conferences including NLP International Conference (2019, 2023), Columbia University Coaching Conference (2022), Positive Psychology Conference (2019), Association for Coaching (2017-2019) and a number of masterclasses at the British Psychological Society (2017, 2019), Association for Coaching (2020), Coaching at Work (2021), and leading higher education institutions. I have also been a guest speaker for the BBC World News, BBCRadio, National Public Radio (NPR) and the Guardian Masterclass series (2022).

Part of my leadership work is to share them with different audiences across business and the workplace, education and research, the helping professions, and the public. I do this as a speaker, facilitator and educator. I also teach fellow professionals the core methodologies to support the wider adoption and growth of these ideas.